Dec 16, 2016

INSPIRATION / Introducing Reclaimed Vintage

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It has been a long time since I've made an inspiration post, but my Christmas holiday has started so this morning I had some time to create a little something for you! Just like, probably, every girl right now I'm looking for some nice Christmas / New Years Eve outfits. But since I've limited myself to only buying vintage/thrifted and sustainable clothing, that quest is a little bit more difficult than last year. Even though I've found a really nice sparkly top at a local vintage shop, I still really wanted a nice dress. So after doing some research I found out that Asos sells a really nice brand named Reclaimed Vintage. Basically they rework old clothing into new items, hooray! I really like this concept so I went through the collection and selected a few of my favourite items for you. The best part is that a large part of the collection is really affordable, in comparison to many other sustainable / recycling brands. I ordered the black sheer dress and if it fits me you'll get to see this beauty on the blog very soon! 

And that's it for now, have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Wat een unieke items! Vind het wel heel mooi. Ga het zeker onthouden! X

  2. Heel leuk dat ze dit doen en zo nog een nieuw product kunnen ontwikkelen.