Aug 17, 2016

PHOTOGRAPHY / Spain Photo Diary

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As you may already know, I spent last week with my family in Spain. We were staying in an apartment just outside of Barcelona and we both went into the big city and explored the area around Barcelona. Because I'd been to Barcelona before, I didn't really take that many pictures there. So instead of some nice shots of the Sagrada Familia and the beach, I mainly took pictures of cute streets and plants in the other towns we visited. I selected a few to share with you here. All of these pictures were taken in Girona, Montserrat and Peratallada. Except for the last two; which were taken at the Fundació Joan Miró and the castle on the Montjuic in Barcelona. 

And even though this trip is still fresh in my memory, my next adventure is just around the corner. Friday, Dylan and I will go to Stockholm and I'm really looking forward to that. It's our first time in Stockholm so tips on where to go and what to see are very welcome!

What was your summer destination?


  1. Mooi daar! Het duurde even voordat ik door had dat er 'spain 2016' in je foto stond. I like it!
    Ik ben nog nooit naar Stockholm geweest, but have fun!!!


  2. Heeel mooie plaatjes! Veel plezier in Stockholm :) x

  3. Oh wat leuk om die foto's te zien! En foto's van kleine straatjes en minder toeristische plekjes zijn vaak zelfs nog leuker. Je kan er dingen ontdekken, die niemand nog niet heeft ontdekt. :) Heel veel plezier nog in Stockholm! x