Jul 2, 2016

PERSONAL / Catching Up

A month without blogging.. Click on the read more button to catch up! 

Oops. Almost a month without blogging. I guess you could say my intentions of keeping up blogging while I was still working full time at Het Nieuwe Instituut didn't really work out. But yesterday was the last day of my internship which means today was the first day of my holiday! Except for my trip to Barcelona, I don't have any plans yet. Which is weird, because I'm kind of a control freak who likes to plan out literally everything. But you know, maybe this summer without plans will be good for me. My boyfriend and I are still on the hunt for a last minute trip to the sun though. Because the weather is kind of shitty here in the Netherlands and I think I deserve some sunshine after three months of hard work!

Anyways, no plans means I have time for my blog again. And that's good. I'm thinking about picking up my photography, so the outfit posts might be replaced by photography posts at times. But we'll see.

Oh and I'm casually sitting next to a cactus. This was not staged at all. uhum. 

It's good to be back!


  1. Aaaah lekker vakantie! Geniet er van, je hebt het echt verdient :)

    Ik kijk naar je posts uit :)


  2. Leuke foto, je broek vind ik tof! Herkenbaar hoor, dat alles willen plannen, maar het kan ook heel leuk zijn om dat eens niet te doen inderdaad, en gewoon zien wat er op je pad komt :) enjoy!