Mar 22, 2016

PHOTOGRAPHY / Cologne Photo Diary

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Hi Guys! Have you missed me? I spent the last couple of days in Cologne, Germany with Dylan. So that's why there was a bit of silence on my blog. We both had never been to Cologne before, but we heard that it was a nice city, especially for shopping and art. And well, since those are both things I'm passionate about I just had to check this city out! On our first day we walked around the city center which is filled with many, many shops. On our second day we visited Museum Ludwig, the Sculpture park and a botanic garden. Museum Ludwig was really, really nice and I recommend it to anyone who's interested in contemporary art. On our last day we decided to go to a neighborhood called Ehrenfeld. I had read on some blogs that this was a nice neighborhood full of street art and vintage shops. Unfortunately, after walking around for a couple of hours we still hadn't really seen any cute vintage shops (except for 1 haha). So that was a little disappointing. However, it still was a nice day and street art was pretty nice!

And lucky as I am, there is another fun trip on the planning. Tomorrow I'm heading to Copenhagen with my 2 best friends! So exciting! Do you have any tips?


  1. Wat leuk dat je daar was. leuke fotos!

  2. Mooi is het daar! Heel veel plezier in Kopenhagen! Nyhavn is heel leuk en als je tijd hebt het museum Louisiana, ligt niet in Copenhagen zelf maar als er een gave tentoonstelling is, is het zeker de moeite waard. Vanaf daar kan je ook mooi Zweden zien liggen :)