Jan 16, 2016

MBFWA / Said Mahrouf & Lisa Konno

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Hi Guys! I'm so sorry for the silence on my blog the last 2 weeks. I've been super busy with school. The coming week I have my exams and after that I'll some free time again haha! Yesterday afternoon I took a break from studying and went to Amsterdam Fashionweek. I visited 2 shows, one by Said Mahrouf and one by Lisa Konno. Both were no strangers to me; I'd been to shows of them before so I had some expectations. And you know what, they both exceeded them!

Said Mahrouf (photograph 1/2/3/4) had a beautiful collection with draped dresses made of feather light fabrics. As the models walked down the catwalk, the dresses flowed around their bodies which made them even more beautiful. Within the collection there was a mini haute-couture collection which Said created in collaboration with painter Yassine Mekhnache. These dresses have been embroidered by hand and represent birds. You can see one of these pieces in photograph number 2!

After the show by Said Mahrouf I went to see the new collection by Lisa Konno (photograph 5/6/7). I really liked her show last time so I was very curious to see what she'd come up with this time! The thing I loved most about her show were the details and accessories. I'm absolutely digging the earrings + hairdo in photograph 5! I've also seen lovely backpacks but unfortunately it was very crowded during the show so I couldn't take that many good photographs. All in all, Lisa Konno, once again, made a collection of which I want everything to be in my wardrobe. Immediately.

And that's it for now, next up will be another outfit post again!

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