Nov 2, 2015

INSPIRATION / Wardrobe Wishes

H&M bows |  Fashionology necklace | SheIn sweater | Monki coat | Loavies skirt | Invito boots

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Hi Guys! Various online shopping sites are currently distracting me from studying, which is not a good thing. Tomorrow and the day after that I have exams so I really should be focusing on my books. However, my concentration is long gone and I'm scrolling down literally every webshop I could think of for some wardrobe inspiration. Like usual I also gave Invito an online visit and again I found a nice pair of shoes. Ever since we started collaborating they keep surprising me with new and lovely designs! I also fell in love with the asymmetrical sweater from SheIn and the striped skirt from Loavies. Anyways, I figured that when I express my shopping desires on here it might help me to set it aside for just a few hours so I can study some more haha. 

Which of these items is your favorite?


  1. nice outfit..
    i like the coat and the skirt

  2. great wish list! love these items!

  3. Haha, herken het helemaal: de afleiding van online shoppen. Oeps! Heerlijke tijdsbesteding. Toffe outfit, vooral die jas <3.

  4. Erg mooie items! Succes met leren, hihi. Herkenbaar die afleiding..