Oct 31, 2015

NEW IN / Thrifted Treasure

jacket - thrifted

See more of my new, thrifted jacket by clicking on the read more button.

jacket - thrifted

Unfortunately, my love for vintage and my minimalistic black&white style do not always go well together. Whenever I go thrifting or visit a vintage kilo sale, I always come across so many beautiful patterned shirts, printed trousers and beaded jackets, but I hardly take those items home with me. Although I love the items on its own, I find it hard to combine them with my minimalistic wardrobe. However, sometimes I run into something I simply cannot turn my back to, like this amazing jacket. I got it at a local thriftshop for only €1,50! Because I have exams next week I had little time to take proper outfit pictures, but you can expect those very soon! 

Oh, and Happy Halloween! I'm going to a party tonight, dressed up as a scary minnie mouse. Are you celebrating?