Oct 2, 2015

INSPIRATION / Wardrobe Wishes

dress - monki | shoes - invito | backpack - monki | watch - new look 

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I'd planned to put this post online last Wednesday, but unfortunately the image hosting website that I use (imageshack) was experiencing some problems. Luckily they solved the problem, so were back on track! I've put a very simple outfit together with some things that are currently on my wish list. First of all, this big, knitted, striped dress from Monki. Can you imagine how comfortable this must be!? I'm going to the store tomorrow to see if I can try it on. And then these shoes from Invito, they would be a wonderful addition to my shoe collection. I'm still loving my Vagabond booties, but since I'm a tiny girl, I could use the extra length these would give me haha!

And that's it for now, what are your plans for the weekend?