Sep 22, 2015

The New Fashion Society

Some of you might already have read about it in some of my previous posts: The New Fashion Society. The coming school year I will be part of the marketing committee of this student-run organization, and today I would like to tell you about The New Fashion Society itself and what it is I'm going to do there. 

The New Fashion Society (NFS) was founded by 5 students with a passion for fashion and business a couple of years ago. The goal was to start a young and fresh community to bring students, fashion and business together. Ever since, NFS has organized different kinds of events, from lectures by people from the fashion industry to fashion shows and social drinks. With these events we build a platform where fashion- and art-minded students from all disciplines come together to inspire each other. 

As a member of the marketing committee of the NFS, my job is making sure people know about the NFS and the events they organize. Together with a couple of other girls, I'm going to maintain the facebook page, instragram and blog. Besides that, we're going to make newsletters, posters and hopefully many other things! Today my first post for them came online and you can check it out HERE.

You can find The New Fashion Society on facebook & instagram!

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