May 3, 2015

INSPIRATION / It's gonna be a dark summer

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Unfortunately I didn't have the time to take outfit pictures this weekend because I've been busy with putting my Ikea furniture together haha. My room is almost finished now, so next week I can move my actual stuff and start living there, wooehh! I just need two more very important things: a refrigerator and wifi. Because who can live without food and internet connection right? 

So, instead of outfit photo's I bring to you my darkest summer inspiration. I wish all of these items were in my brand new Ikea wardrobe. Immediately.


  1. Just WOW! I love all of the items <3 Also I'm very curious about your Ikea wardrobe!

  2. Great selection, my fave are those shoes!

  3. Superleuk! Die ketting vind ik echt prachtig. Leuke blog heb je trouwens!

  4. Oh my. Ik snap je zo erg. Ik wil ook alleen nog maar zwart dragen.


  5. dark = best :) ik vind vooral die zwarte jurk zo mooi.

  6. Wat een fijne items! Vooral die zwarte tas is leuk X Laura