Apr 1, 2015

INSPIRATION / be careful what you wish for

 1 - monki | 2 - zara | 3 - cos | 4 - mango | 5 - invito | 6&7 - fashionology | 8 - h&m |      9 - forever21 | 10 - asos | 11 - invito

Tomorrow I'll have my last exam which means this is my last day of die-hard studying. Or so it should be.. Because my level of concentration is currently below zero and all I can think about is how badly I want to go shopping and drink cocktails on the beach afterwards haha. So, instead of hopelessly trying to stay focused on my books I thought I'd give myself a little break and check out some webshops. Maybe in that way I can clear my mind haha? So on the top of my wishlist are black sandals / open shoes and a long summer coat. I really like both the shoes by Invito and the long, black coat by H&M. It's just that I'm not a big fan of H&M, most of the time I think the fabrics they use look very cheap, unfortunately. But hey, maybe I should go check out this coat in the store and see what the quality is! 

Which of the items above would you put on your own wishlist?


  1. Alles van dit lijstje is zo gaaf! Die jas is mooi maar inderdaad, de materialen die de H&M gebruikt is niet altijd even goed maar misschien valt het wel mee :)

  2. Succes nog met je laaste examen! Soms heb je idd gewoon even een break nodig en daarna gaat het meestal beter :D
    Heel leuke items heb je hier zeg, wauw! Ik ben fan van de Asos short!

    XO Imke

  3. Ik vind de bril en jumpsuit het leukste :)


  4. great finds! i can see myself wearing all these items :) can't wait for the weather to turn warmer


  5. Ooooo I love #10! Would be perfect for a trip to the beach :) Hope your exam went well!

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  6. Omg, nummer 4 en 5. In mijn kast, NU!