Feb 12, 2015

INSPIRATION / frayed jeans for spring

source photographs - various tumblres | jeans 1jeans 2 & jeans 3

Today I want to show you guys some inspiration on a current, or upcoming, trend which I really like; frayed jeans! If you've read some magazines or blogs lately, you've probably noticed the flared jeans trend, which I personally love on others but wouldn't wear myself that quickly. However, the frayed jeans trend is something I would wear myself, and therefore I thought it would be nice to share some gorgeous versions of this trend with you! Besides the fact that the frayed ends make the jeans look more nonchalant and spring/summerish, they're also easy to make as a DIY. Just take an old pair of jeans and find a quick and easy DIY on Pinterest or any other website/blog. But, if you're like me and don't have any old jeans laying around in your closet (or you're just too lazy to do a DIY), you can of course buy a nice pair as well. Above you can see my 3 favourite ones. Maybe I'll order one of these as soon as I got a nice pair of heels to combine them with haha! 

What do you think about the frayed jeans trend?


  1. Ik wist niet dat dat een trend was (of dat ie gaat komen), maar het is inderdaad leuk! :) Dat moet ik maar eens gaan DIY'en! X

  2. Jaa ik zag het laatst ook voorbij komen! Echt super leuk :) xo

  3. Ik heb het nog nooit eerder gezien, maar ben nu al fan! XO

  4. Loved this xox


  5. I love all of them!


  6. Awesome Shoes <3


  7. Ik vind deze trend heel leuk! Ik ga er in de zomer ook echt wat mee doen :)


  8. Zo leuk! Ik herinner me nog dat het vroeger ook een trend was.