Jan 28, 2015

MBFWA / Amsterdam Fashionweek day 5!

all photographs by me

And it's a wrap! Monday night I came home from another amazing day at Amsterdam Fashionweek, and as much as I like fashionweek, I was glad it was over. Because, don't get me wrong, fashionweek is a great event, but it is very tiring, especially when you're there from 3 till 9, three days in a row! Plus, I had to travel back and forth between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, which made my days even longer haha. But, I'm not complaining, because I've seen the most gorgeous collections and today I'm sharing two of them with you. 

About EVAN menswear. This fashionweek I've actually seen quite a lot of mens collections, but this was without doubt my favourite one. I mean look at the jacket and the transparant raincoat! Besides the amazing collection, I also liked the overall look of the models, obviously I'm talking about the painted faces and hair here, it gave the show that little extra wow factor!

About Dorhout Mees. How I love this designer. This was actually the third time I attended a catwalk show by Dorhout Mees and just like always it was gorgeous. Very differen though from the other two collections I've seen, but still it had her trademark. Unfortunately I didn't have such a good seat during this show, so the quality of the photographs are therefore a bit poor. However, just like in my last post I included the youtube video of the full catwalk show, so click click click it!

This was my last catwalk related post, from now on there will be outfit posts again!


  1. very beautiful collection!


  2. Wowie, gelukzak! Ik zo ook wel dolgraag 'ns een show bij wonen. De menswear collectie is echt wel dope, gotta love die oversize jassen!

  3. Wauw wat onwijs gaaf! En wat een mooie foto's heb je gemaakt!

  4. Evan menswear had ook een goede show! Jammer dat ik er niet heen mocht haha


  5. love the first one !


  6. awesome!

    xoxo sonia