Jan 26, 2015

MBFWA / Amsterdam Fashionweek day 4!

all photographs by me

And then fashionweek was almost over again. Yesterday I was at the fourth day of Amsterdam Fashionweek and I saw even more beautiful designs than the day before. I attended the shows of MAYN, Mirte van Wijngaarden, Dennis Diem, Army of Me, Frampresca and Smaranda Almasan. As you can see those are quite a lot of shows, and obviously I took quite a lot of pictures. And therefore I've decided to just show the pictures of my two favourite shows of the day: Dennis Diem and Smaranda Almasan.

About Dennis Diem. "Wow" that's what I thought when the first girl came walking up the runway. Dennis Diem's collection was absolutely breathtaking, definitely the best collection I've seen so far this week! My favourite piece is the dress you can see on the first picture, and fun fact: The green rainbow/shiny elytra of the Thai jewel beetle are key pieces in this collection. They are embroidered in a snakescale pattern. Important for Diem is the fact that these beetles died of natural causes, after which they were collected for their elytra. (click on the youtube video to see the entire show!)

About Smaranda Almasan. As you can see on the pictures this is an entirely different kind of collection than that of Dennis Diem. Nevertheless, I like this collection just as much but in a different way. The pieces in this collection aren't something you will find in my closet since I'm not that into colour when it comes down to wearing it myself. But the colour combinations in this collection are amazing! Especially the coats made me eager for more colours in my own wardrobe!

And that's it! Today I'll be at the last day of Amsterdam Fashionweek, so stay tuned for more!


  1. Beide collecties zien er echt prachtig uit maar ik denk dat ik die van Dennis Diem toch iets mooier vindt :)

  2. wow, really beautiful dress. i love number 2.
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    let me know on my blog if you follow me, i will follow you back after it.
    thank you!


  3. Hele mooie fotos! :) Ik ben alleen gister heel even geweest, zo te zien misschien toch wel wat gemist!

    XX www.laurenlouvaine.com

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  5. Deze foto's zijn mooi geworden zeg!