Dec 1, 2014

INSPIRATION / Getting warm for Victoria's Secret

Slideshow van STYLIGHT.NL

Hi Guys!

And then it was already December. Jeez, this year has gone by so fast! For most people December is the best month of the year. There is Christmas, New Years Eve and somehow a lot of people have their birthday in this month haha. I used to dislike all these holidays, and I'm still not a big fan of them, but this year I'm actually looking forward to the holidays because it means I can finally relax for a bit. Something else that happens in December, and which I'm really looking forward to, is the Victoria's Secret Fahsion Show! I think I can look at Doutzen, Adriana, Miranda and all the others for hours. But of course not only the angels are pretty, the clothing (even if it's not much) they wear is gorgeous as well.

To get ready for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014 I thought I'd share this slide show of all the famous fantasy bras! These million dollar pieces are always in the center of attention and that's for a good reason. Curious about what they all looked like, and what the fantasy bras (yeh there is more than 1!) look like this year? Go through the slides and enjoy! The text is in Dutch, sorry!

And that's it for now!