Oct 2, 2014

NEW IN / Four times black.

shoes - vagabond               blouses - vintage                coat - oasap

Hi Guys!

Yesterday the two packages I had been waiting for finally arrived, and I couldn't be any happier with what was in them! Let's start with these gorgeous, black boots from Vagabond. I really needed a new pair of winter shoes, because I only had my white dr. martens. And though my docs are amazing, they don't go with every outfit. So black shoes were definitely needed. In the other package I found a wonderful, autumn coat from Oasap. I'm really happy with it since it's not too thin and not too warm. It's just right for autumn! More and better pictures will follow soon. I'm planning on taking outfit pictures with my new coat next week. And then lastly, my two new vintage finds. It had been a long time since I really found some vintage treasures, but last Saturday was my lucky day. I scored a basic, dotted blouse (which I didn't have yet, shame on me) made of a really nice fabric and a black blouse with lovely details around the neck. Which, of course, I'll show you better pictures of in an outfit post soon. 

And that's it for now! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, I'm going to Tilburg to visit some musea yeh!


  1. love your boots!


  2. Beautiful boots and polka dot blouse♥ x

  3. i like your boots and your polka dot shirt

  4. Ik ben heeeelemaal fan van jouw chelsea's! Wat zijn ze mooi... en staan zeker erg stijlvol gecombineerd met je zwarte blouses.