Sep 3, 2014

INSPIRATION / I can't think of a title.

sources - various tumblr

Hii Guys!

I actually wanted to post these inspiring pictures yesterday evening, but I got home pretty late from an introduction day at the university and I was tired as hell. I went straight into the shower and after that my bed. I had a lovely day though, met some new people and got my timetable. With which I'm really happy! I only have three days on campus, and I only have one early class. So lucky  me, I can sleep in 6 out of the 7 days each week! Though I have two extra days off, it doesn't mean I'm actually free on those days. I probably have to do a lot of reading and homework on those days, but  I hope I can keep up the blogging. Next Monday my first classes start, so this week I have plenty time left to make you an outfit post! 

So stay tuned!


  1. Wat een fijne foto's! (bedoel je niet picknicken en wijn drinken met eline in plaats van huiswerk? ;)