Jun 11, 2014

FASHION / back to the backyard

top / skirt - vintage                shoes - goldstep

Hii Guys!

As you can see, I took some photographs in my backyard again. The weather is absolutely amazing so my sister rather went outside with her friends than taking outfit photo's with me. I can't blame her really. The light in my backyard is very bright so I'm sorry that these photographs are overexposed. I just really wanted to post something today, because it's my blog birthday! Exactly four years ago I made a blogger profile and choose the name Coconut Fashion, but I think it's about three years ago that I started blogging regularly. Anyway, I couldn't let the day go by without a post, so here you have a festival outfit of mine. Despite the fact that I normally wear black and white, I really like a bright colour piece now and then. My favourites are my yellow dungarees and this blue midi skirt!

Oh and btw, tomorrow I'll get the results of my final exams. I reaaaaally hope I graduate, fingers crossed!


  1. i love this skirt on you


    NEW OUTFIT IN THE BLOG! BLUE & YELLOW OBSESSION with my new cardigan from Trashness

  2. Die kleur staat goed bij je haar kleur haha! Mooi :)

  3. Gefeliciteerd! Op naar het volgende jaar :)
    En ik zal voor je duimen morgen! Hoe laat hoor jij het?

  4. I like the colour of the skirt!

  5. Hello! Thx for your comment now i´following oyur blog and bloglovin.
    Love the look the colour is amazing.

  6. I really love the colour of that skirt! Very pretty!

  7. Happy blog birthday! Fijne rok :)