Feb 20, 2014


Hii Guys!

I guess I'm not the only one who sometimes has doubts about where to draw the line when it comes down to  the personal stuff you put on your blog. Because where should you draw the line? On the one hand, I think that it's really important to create a personal vibe around your blog, because that makes it more fun to read. And of course in that way you create a bond with your readers. But on the other hand, I do think you have to be careful about what you put out there, because everyone has access to the internet, and sometimes you'd rather not have strange people know all this stuff about you. But anyway, this is a really personal post, and if you're not interested in my personal life, you can stop reading here haha. 

Today is my 2 years anniversary with Dylan! First I didn't think it was relevant to tell you guys, but then I thought, what the hell, I'm posting it anyway. Because Dylan is a big part of my life, and for my loyal readers he's probably not even a stranger. Since I mention him quite a lot haha. Exactly 2 years ago we had our first kiss and then we were 'offcially' together, I still remember that day so well. The only thing I thought back then was that it was so cool we had our first kiss on Kurt Cobain's birthday haha! We met each other two month before that day, through his cousin, which was a rather good friend of mine back then. The funny thing is that when I met him, I already knew him from hyves, which is a former Dutch version of facebook. I literally stalked his pictures when I was 13 years old, and he totally ignored me! 

And then, 2 years later, when I had totally forgot about him, I met him for the first time while riding my bike in the most awful outfit I could possibly wear. It wasn't love at first sight, but I did know I was obsessed with how sexy his lip piercing was! Slowely we started chatting and hanging out, and look at us now! 2 years later and we're still not bored of each other. I'm a blessed girl with a guy like him.

I love you 



  1. Aaawh dit is zo leuk en lief manon :3
    Ik hoop dat het nog 10000 jaar goed gaat tussen jullie!

  2. aww so cute I wish you guys all the best for the future ! :)

  3. Ahww wat leuk hoe jullie elkaar hebben leren kennen!

  4. Aww, gefeliciteerd! Dat is zo leuk voor jullie, en super lieve foto's :)

  5. Aaaah dit is zo lief en leuk geschreven :) Hopelijk blijven jullie nog heeeel lang samen!

  6. Awh zo lief en leuk! Liefde is top

  7. Super cute! Gefeliciteerd en geniet er van :)


  8. Nice post ;)


  9. Haha wat tof de eerste kus op de verjaardag van Kurt Cobain! Gefeliciteerd. :) x

  10. Gefeliciteeeeerd! en wat een gave foto's zeg.
    Ik volg je blog nu via bloglovin :)X