Feb 14, 2014

FASHION / I'll be your tough valentine.

Hii Guys!

So how is your valentines day going so far? Have you already received some love letters or roses haha? Well I haven't and I don't mind at all. To be honest I think valentines day is just a holiday made by the commerce and media. In my opinion it is much more meaningful if the ones who love you surprise you with gifts or kindness when you don't expect it. Regardless of what day it is, Dylan and I always try to surprise each other with little things, that's what keeps a relationship fun right!?! So since we're both not into the whole valentines-day-thing we agreed to do nothing special. We will probably just have a food feast on the couch! And that's why I'm not wearing anything romantic or special today. But what I am wearing is my new vintage found : the black velvet top. I found this treasure in the local thriftshop and it's definitely one of the best founds I've ever made!

pants / shoes - h&m                  top - vintage                 bag - chanel                bracelet - oasap

For the girls who are having a special valentines date, of course I wish you all the best. Maybe you'll find your prins charming!