Jan 28, 2014

MBFWA / Rebecca Ward - The Magic Theatre

Hii Guys!

Sunday I went to MBFWA and I had an amazing day! It was the first time for me, so I was very excited about the day, because I didn't really know what to expect. But it turned out to be exactly what I thought it would be : lovely! I attended two shows : Dorhout Mees and Rebecca Ward. Both were amazingly beautiful, and I hope to be invited for their shows again sometime! I spend the day together with Eline, we hadn't seen eachother in really long time, so we had a lot to chitchat about in between the shows. I also met another blogger, Joy, it was really nice to finally meet her. 

In this post you can see some of the pictures I took from Rebecca Ward's show. She had a collection full of gorgeous dresses. She combined different kind of fabrics and made the dresses sexy with an open back. Which I personally love! In the last photocollage you can see some detail pictures taken by the team of Peter Stigter. The middle detail photo shows my favourite dress of the collection. It was stunning!

And that's it for now, next up will be my outfit and a post about Dorhout Mees!


  1. Ik vond de show van haar ook echt super! Ik ben zo weg van haar jurken. Het was super leuk om je een keertje te zien :)


  2. Ik vond de show ook echt heel erg mooi! De jurken waren prachtig!

  3. Wauw, de show ziet er prachtig uit. Gaaf dat je er bij mocht zijn!

  4. Het was inderdaad een super show! En heeeeel leuk om je weer te zien :)
    (ik heb trouwens nieuwe foto's in dat online album geplaatst)

  5. Lovely blog!! For sure following! Check mine out if you get a chance! :)


  6. It is my dream to go to a show :) I'm extremely jealous as this one looked extra fantastic. New follower on BL and GFC

  7. your photos are lovelyyy! i really like your blog, everything is so fresh and you are adorable!!
    i'd love to go to a fashion show someday in the future too since i've been missing a lot of them lately...
    also if you're interested, let's follow each other! do let me know!!