Jan 10, 2014

FASHION / I live in a hologram with you.

Hii Guys!

First of all : I'm sorry for my bad hair day, my sister took these photo's just after I got home from a biking trip through the rain. It stopped raining when I got home so I wanted to take these photo's immediately before it would start raining again. Secondly I want to say that after I took a look at these photo's, I'm not so sure about this outfit. I like the layering above, but I shouldn't have combined it with black jeans I think. But since this outfit is more about my new bag anyway, we just have to wink at that. 

In these pictures you can actually see the size of this bag, quite big he?  The fabric is also very firm, so it's the perfect bag for carrying schoolbooks around all day! If you like it you can get it here. (also available in red)

jeans - serious sally            blouse - new look             top - urban outfitters               bag - oasap               shoes - river island          earrings - flying tiger

And that's it for now. Today I'm going to the Erasmus University for a 'student for a day' day. I'm pretty excited about it!


  1. Love the top, perfect


  2. Wauw, die combin blauw en geel staat erg goed bij elkaar! XO

  3. Ik vind het juist heel leuk op een donkere jeans! Ik vind je hele look leuk :)


  4. Ik vind je outfit wel goed gelukt. Zelf heb ik het ook vaak, dat als ik de outfit foto's terugzie, ik er toch niet meer zo zeker over ben of het wel leuk is haha.

  5. Ik vind je outfit juist heel leuk met je zwarte broek!
    Hoe was je meeloopdagje in Rotterdam?

  6. Ik vind de combinatie echt perfect! :D Heel erg leuk zeg :D

  7. hype! (:

    thanx for your comment, xx