Dec 4, 2013

NEW IN / sweater weather

Hii Guys!

Just a quick update to show you a new vintage sweater I bought. I'm very busy with school, but also with babysitting and celebrating Sinterklaas (dutch Santa). I just came home from celebrating Sinterklaas with some friends, and now I have to go straight to my babysitting address. Tomorrow I'm celebrating Sinterklaas again, but then with some family!

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sweater - vintage

This sweater was bought to be sold on Trashcan, but it turned out to be too damaged to sell. So I'm keeping it myself. But don't worry, we have 2 similar sweaters which will come online very soon!


  1. Ah hij is mooi! Eerst hield ik er niet zo van, maar nu wil ik er stiekem ook wel eentje! Ook gewoon omdat het zo lekker kerst-achtig is!