Dec 16, 2013

NEW IN / let's go to the twenties

Hii Guys!

Saturday I went to the city to buy some christmas presents for my grandma, but walking through those stores, I couldn't help but looking for some party wear. I found this amazing twenties top at a vintage store. It suits me so well, and I love the neckline! I'm going to wear this to my school prom instead of a dress. I'm probably going to combine it with the velvet legging you saw in my last outfit post. The prom outfit will be online somewhere next week! 

At the same store I also bought a new winter coat, it's not perfect but it's okay. I was so tired of looking that I just bought something to get rid of it. An outfit post with the new coat will be online very soon as well!

top - vintage

And that's it for now!


  1. Ziet er mooi uit! Ben benieuwd naar de outfit!

  2. Super gaaf! Ik ben benieuwd :)


  3. Die is zo ontzettend gaaf! Wauw :D Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe je hem gaat combineren!