Dec 6, 2013

INSPIRATION / she won't kiss and tell

Hii Guys!

Yesterday evening I celebrated Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa) with some family and friends. I received some really lovely presents. I got new pyjamas, a delicious tea flavour, some candy and a body srub. And lucky as I am, I also got some money to buy myself a little present. There are two things on my wish-list at the moment, a new black bag and a long sleeved dress. So, probably I'll get myself one of those! I found some very cute dresses on Persunmall and I couldn't resist these sweaters, so I had to show you them too! 

And don't forget to join my GIVE AWAY!

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And that's it for now. Tonight I'm going to a dubstep party in The Hague, so excited!


  1. Wat een leuke wishlist! Ik zou alles wel willen hebben! Xx

  2. Zo'n leuke wishlist! Dat kleedje met de bloemetjes is gewoon super! x

  3. Wat een gave items, ik zou ze allemaal wel willen hebben!