Jul 29, 2013

RANDOM / cause we're lovers and that is a fact

Hii Guys!

The last few days I've been enjoying the city to the fullest. I did some cultural activities again and I thought it would be fun to show you some of the pictures I've took, so you can see what's keeping me busy!

1/2 - There was a beautiful expo about Robert Doisneau, a very famous street photographer from the 20th century, at the museum of photography in Rotterdam. I really love his work and if you are in Rotterdam you should definitely pay this expo a visit!         
3 - After the museum I went to hotel new york, where you can sit down the river side in these beach chairs, love this part of Rotterdam!              
4 - Saturday I went to the pixar expo in Amsterdam, it was quite expensive but it was worth it! So many beautiful pieces of art were shown, I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I wasn't allowed to take my camera with me, so I had to snap these few shots with Dylan's i-phone haha
5/6 - Went up a rooftop down the riverside in Rotterdam, enjoying pizza and a lovely view. Rotterdam by day and night. 

And that's it for now!

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  1. I love your photography and you have a very nice blog! I am really new to the blogging thing, I have a diy blog and a exchange student blog. I will actually be a exchange student in The Netherlands, starting from next month! I really want to get better at blogging and especially look more into bloggers in The Netherlands.. I followed your blog, I'll be looking forward to more! :)