Jul 5, 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY / Berlin Photo Diary

Hii Guys !

I'm back and I had the most amazing time in Berlin ! Prepare for a shit load of pictures haha. 

1 / The brandenburger tor, it's like the trademark of Berlin, you see this building on every postcard and in every tourist shop. 2 / The fernsehen torn, a really high tower. We went up and from there you have a lovely view over the whole city. 3 / Flea market, with lots of great art ! 4 / We payed a visit to the zoo and this monkey is the cutest one I've ever seen. 5 / Berlin at night. 6 / Berlin is the home town in Europe of streetart, I've seen such amazing things ! This one made me really laugh haha. 7 / Memorial for the jews that died during WW II. 8 / The Berliner Dom 9 / Dunken Donuts in the sun ! 10 / The Berlin Wall, again with great street art. 11 / Shopping time ! 12 / We drunk way to much coffee haha. 

I did some shopping and I'll show you  my purchases in the next post !


  1. Wat een gave fotoo's! Ziet er heel leuk uit! xx

  2. Hele leuke foto's! Het aapje is cute. Die fisheye foto van jou is leuk!!


  3. Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt! Echt heel erg leuk, ook met die fisheye :) Liefs

  4. wat een mooie foto's, gaaf met fisheye :)

  5. Nice photos! Everything looks great and I especially love the street art!