Jun 23, 2013

the end of google friend connect?

Hii Guys !

Just a quick post about some rumours about google friend connect. I've read and heard about the fact that google friend connect won't be around for any longer. They're going to shut it down the first of July. Or so they say.. I really don't hope that it's true, because I haven't been active on Bloglovin at all, so if they shut down google friend connect, I lose all my lovely followers ! That's why I want to ask you, just in case, to follow me on bloglovin. I quess we'll have to wait to the first of July to see what happens..


  1. GFC gaat niet weg, het gaat om Google reader!

    1. Maar technisch gezien heb je toch niks meer aan gfc als google reader weg gaat ? Of begrijp ik dit fout?