Apr 11, 2013

INSPIRATION / 55DSL short film 'Italy, Texas'

Hii Guys !

Today I want to share a short film made by 55DSL which really inspired me. Last year 55DSL, a youth fashion brand, broke new ground in their mission to fuel creativity by lauching the short film 'Beyond Mountains, More Mountains'. The short film was a blazing succes, so this year the creativity continues with the short film 'Italy, Texas'. Not only are the shots in this film extremely beautiful, the story is wonderful as well. The film is about our relationships with the souls with whom we share our lives ; animals, humans and spirits of nature. 

The reason why 55DSL made this film is to stimulate our creativity, that's why they also started a photo contest ! By taking inspiration from the short movie 'Italy, Texas' people can upload their photo's to social media such as twitter and instagram.The best entries will be featured on 55DSL's facebook page and twitter. The winner will be the next official behind-the-scenes photographer and have his or her work featured in the next issue of 55DSL magazine.

more about the film                   more about the contest

 photo 55DSL-2341_zps69365a3e.jpg
 photo 55DSL-9336_zps20aea85a.jpg
 photo 55DSL-2488_zps021632e4.jpg
shots from the short film  'Italy, Texas'

And that's it for now ! I think the film is beautiful, definitely worth 10 minutes of your time !


  1. Het is inderdaad een mooie film! Liefs

  2. wauw, echt heel mooi!

  3. hij is inderdaad super! Ik zit nog steeds te twijfelen of ik mee zou doen aan de wedstrijd, de prijs is wel echt geweldig maar ik heb geen idee wat voor soort foto ik zou willen inzenden...

  4. Het filmpje is inderdaad erg mooi!

  5. Sounds good!!

    I just made a new post and think you're going to like it:D!!

    Come by soon!


  6. Ik hou echt van kortfilms, zeker ook van deze!
    10 goeie film-minuten gespendeerd!
    Ik hou erg van de layout van je blog!
    Liefs, Lore