Aug 5, 2012

I'm lying in the ocean, singing your song.

Hii Guys !

I have something really fun to tell you, I'm going on a short trip to Antwerpen with Dylan ! Because we both don't have a lot of money to spent we couldn't afford going to a sunny place like Spain or Greece or something like that. And besides that, my father thinks I'm still a bit to young for that, he's scared I'll get ill when I'm there and then he isn't there to help me. Quite logical since I've been ill a lot lately..  But yeah, I'm looking forward to it, I haven't been to Antwerpen in ages. I used to go there with my mother and aunt, twice a year. haha.

skirt - hema         top/ring - monki         blouse - vintage            shoes / necklace - h&m

Ok, I'm off visiting my grandma !


  1. Veel plezier! Je haar is super :)

  2. your hair is absoluty fantastic, how have you done?

  3. oh, so you like Lana Del Rey, too?
    nice! have a great time with dylan!
    - kisses

  4. Nice look,your haircolour is lovely.
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other:)

  5. Hope you have an awesome time babe :) xx

  6. Wauw staat je mooi!
    En je haar <3

    Liefs, Romy

  7. Wauw, jij bent echt een heel mooi meisje met een leuke style! :D