Jul 28, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY / lets get a fire burning

Hii Guys !

Ok, where to start haha ? As you might have notices the last 2 weeks I haven't really 'talked' much in my post, and that's because I was on a holiday ! Yeh, I've spent the last two weeks in Italy, where I enjoyed lovely cities, italian food and ice-cream and of course the sun ! Before I went away I'd planned some posts, the posts you've been reading the last 2 weeks. Thank you for all the comments, I just read them and especially the ones on the dip-dye post made me smile ! From now on I'll be responding again !

I took a lot of photographs, so I decided to put them in 3 catogiers. Black and White, Fish Eye and 'Normal' .  We're starting with the Black and White today, I really shot these in b&w, and didn't edit them. The others will come soon (: 

 I'm Glad to be back ! Can't wait to see the boyfriend and my friends again (:


  1. venetiee! Daar ben ik ook geweest! Echt een hele erg mooie stad is dat! mooie foto's ook (: x

  2. LOving this post so much. White-black choice is perfect. Congrats for the photos.



  3. followed! i'm new here ,, would you mind checking it out? Love your blog