May 27, 2012

RANDOM / though I know I should be worried, still I venture something scary

Hii Guys !

Sorry for my absence, but I was too busy having such a great time, haha. Friday night we started the weekend with a bbq in the park, I don't remember what it was called, I just know that it was amazing. We were with some friends and man, it felt like summer all over. Yesterday I had to work 'till noon and when I refreshed a bit of that I went with some other friends to a kind of lake where we chilled the rest of the day. 

And then the evening, the best part ofcourse. haha Well first I dip-dyed my hair again, greenish this time. But not with hairdye, I dyed it with pastel chalks. This will vanish in like one week, I just did it to see if I liked the colour, so that I can buy the real dye somewhere next week. The colour is very light now, but what do you guys think ? 

And after that, I went to Delft and had the most amazing dubstep party ever. I don't know if any of you listen to dubstep or drum and bass, but if your Dutch and you do, you might know WopWop, it's a once a month party which goes on 'till six in the morning and well. you can go nuts c: And haha the last gif. Shanna and I were still feelig a bit weird when we woke up, this was the first thing we did ; making a gif. haha


Should I go for a more greenish or a more blue'ish dip dye ? 


  1. I don't know... i think that this green doesn't fit you, because you're blonde, but maybe if you will do a brighter, it will look cool.
    So it looks like you're having a lot of fun.
    I wish I could have a dubstep party in my city. Unfortunately teenagers around here, don't know what's that...

  2. Het groen staat je leuk, maar ik zou eerder gaan voor het blauwe. En wàt leuk! Een dubstep party?! Dàt wil ik ook :D haha

  3. Ik vind groen mooi staan, maar ik denk dat blauw wat mooier staat! Leuke foto's :) x

  4. Super leuk die GIF! Haha. Ik denk dat blauw iets mooier staat dit is net als of het verkeerd is geverft en verkeerd is gegaan. Plus ben dol op je header!

  5. thankyou for your lovely comment! i'm now following, maybe follow back? :)

  6. Interesting ideas and style concepts!

  7. wat een leuke foto's! :D
    En je weekend klinkt echt geweldig! Aaaah, ik wil ook naar zo'n dubstep feest.
    Haha, volgens mij zegt die clara turbay tegen iedereen interesting ideas and style concepts. tegen mij zei ze dat ook al.

  8. Heeey Manon, staat je heeel vet die groene kleur! Zou ik doen!
    Ik had even een vraagje: hoe heb je het precies gekleurd met pastel krijt? Heb je nog extra producten op je haar gebruikt. Ik heb het nu paars gekleurd met gekleurde mascara, maar dat duurt verschrikkelijk lang... Love, Demi