May 14, 2012

did you want me to change, well I changed for good

Hii Guys !

So today I had my first, real, day of school again and it was terrible. I have to get used to making long days again, and being quit in boring classrooms. Luckily the big summer holiday is already in sight, so with that in mind I'll survive !

In this post you'll just see these 'not so great' photographs of my new jewelry. The necklace above and the blue bracelet were gift of two friends, and the bracelet with the skulls and the earrings are both bought in Maastricht and Brussel. I looooove the bracelets combined together, I think it will be something I'm wearing the whole summer. I also really like the earrigs, I bought them at Urban Outfitters. Man, that store is amazing, I was so disappointed by the fact I didn't have enough money to be buy a shirt or something like that. But hey, I'm coming back for sure !

 necklace / blue bracelet - unknown             skull bracelet - clairs                  earrings - urban outfitters

That's it people ! 


  1. Die oorbellen zijn geweldig! Super gaaf!
    Liefs x

  2. Ik vind je armbandjes geweldig, vooral de skulls!

  3. aah wat een leuke sieraden! ik wil ook naar de urban outfitters! liefs.

  4. wauw, die oorbellen zijn echt móoi!

  5. Mooie sieraden! (: