May 7, 2012

change the station to something stable

Hii Guys !

I'm back ! From now on everything is going to be normal on the blog again. Starting with today's outfit ! 

Yesterday I came back from Tignes and I had such an amazing time. Our apartment was terrible ; dirty and veeeery small, but after 2 days I became used to it. But except for that, everything was beautiful there. The mountains, the snow, the weather, just everything. I snowboarded everyday till 4 'o clock or something, and then we had a drink on our balcony. Which was perfectly directed to the sun, haha. We'd sit there for like 2 hours and then someone cooked dinner for the four of us. In the evening we went to some bars or we just had house parties in our apartment. Unfortunately all the nightclubs were already closed because it was the end of the season, so we couldn't go dancing :c 

But in general I had an awesome week, I did one of the things I love most to do ; snowboarding. I had lovely weather, which made it feel like summer, and I met some really weird but lovely people ! (:

 dress - monki      poncho / shoes - h&m           necklace - vintage         ring - forever21          earrings - unknown

That's it guys !


  1. Gorgeous outfit, love it! Glad your back! xoxo

  2. Eerste foto is heel mooi! En je outfit is erg leuk :)

  3. the first pic is incredible. your eyes are.....lovely pic

  4. leuke outfit! en de eerste foto is echt mooi! x

  5. Like the shirt!
    Beter dat je weer terug bent!


  6. Wat een mooie outfit! Het lijkt me echt leuk om te kunnen snowboarden. :) x

  7. Waauw, hele mooie outfit, leuke ketting ook!:) xoxo

  8. dat klinkt als een super week! :D
    En voel je je al wel weer beter dan?

  9. wat een mooie outfit en goed dat je zoveel plezier hebt gehad! liefs.

  10. You look gorgeous! I love that top and necklace!

  11. Glad you had a good time babe. :) xx