Jan 23, 2012

when these colours fade to grey, you're a million miles away

Hii Guys !

I. Need. A. Break. Gosh, lot's of things have been going on. Tomorrow I have my Math retry but I still don't quite know it. I was planning on learning this weekend, but I felt a bit sick, and Sunday my father became sick as well. So I had to take care of my sister. And on top of that, my English teacher passed away. She hadn't been teaching for a while because she was very sick. She actually was one of the few teachers I really liked. Life is so unfair. So after all those sad feelings I couldn't focus on Match at all.

But enough about that, I needed something to cheer my up ! When I went snowboarding last Friday I borrowed a sweater from one of the guys. I forgot to return it, so the sweater ended up in my room, sorry Dylan (: And when I was looking through my Dad's closet this morning I found a blouse which could be perfectly combined with this sweater. So, as a real 'fashionista' ( I don't like that word, hehe ) I tried it on and I liked it (:  I didn't wear this to school though, we had art class today and it's typically me to spill paint on a sweater which isn't even mine haha. 

blouse - unknown             sweater - billabong              earrings - fashionology

I'm sorry for the horrible tights and the mess on my bed ! I really need to study right now ): 


  1. wow je hebt een hele aparte styl (:
    Echt leuk dat je je eigen style durft te hebben!
    LOVE www.smnth-s.blogspot.com

  2. wauw gaaaf!
    Je haar is zo amazing!x

  3. vind je oorbellen echt nice! ik ben nog opzoek naar kruisjesoorbellen / een keeting
    en wat erg van de lerares! idd niet eerlijk, bij een leraar bij mij op school is ongeneeslijke kanker ontdekt, echt hard.
    succes met leren enzo! x

  4. Mooie outfit, ik vind je haar echt super gaaf! :D

    Liefs Manon

  5. Dont worry....happy start for a new week :)....love the styling...looks great


  6. Cool look!


  7. Gave outfit inderdaad! Vooral de eerste foto is cool! :)

  8. Guauu que pelo mas original :):) te sigo!

  9. Ziet er geweldig uit, as usual. Je hebt echt een geweldige stijl meid! :)

    En oké, dankje voor de uitleg, maar ik vrees dat ik toch de moed niet ga vinden om te gaan dipddyen... Misschien ooit :D Maar jou staat 't echt heel erg leuk!

    XO, Imke

  10. Die cross ring vind ik ook zo cool!x

  11. So sorry to hear you've been ill & about your English teacher hun.

    Good luck with the maths! xx

  12. Oooh sweet, you're welcome :D
    i love the look, some sweaters for boys are beautiful and make us want to use is not it? I wish you good luck for the study and be strongs, don't be sad we're here to give you some "hugs" :) <3

  13. This outfit is lovelyy.
    I looovveee your blog!!
    I think you have such a great taste of style!!
    What about following each other via bloglovin??
    Bisous Christina

  14. heyy thnks for commentin on my blog! i follow u! hope u follow me back :)

  15. your hair is so freaking cool. also love the peek at your necklace collection, it looks like good stuff :)

    thanks for the comment! following!

    and the tights are perfect with the outfit, don't apologize!

    xo Honor


  16. die blouse en trui zijn echt leuk bij elkaar!