Dec 2, 2011

life's like a hourglass glued to a table

Hii Guys !

Ok, I'm sorry for these horrible pictures ! I made these a few days a go, and the light was terrible ): This is the best I could do. And for the record, I had a bad hair day, that's why I wore a braid. And it's not greasy, it's wet, because on my way home from school it started raining, haha. bluuugh. 

Ok, yesterday I celebrated Sinterklaas ( the dutch santa ) and I got a lot of nice presents (: Also some fashion related stuff, so be prepared for my next post, haha. I also got 2 concert tickets, ohyeaaaah. In January I'll be going to Never Shout Never for the second time, and I'm very excited (: And in March I'll be going to Simple Plan, We The Kings, Destine and MakeBelieve. All in one concert ! Woooh, I can't wait (:  

skirt - monki          top - forever21          blazer / shoes - h&m         belt - vintage

Ok that's it. Today I have a lot of homework and studying to do. And I'm not in the mood for it, so wish me luck ! 


  1. You're so lucky you get to see all these bands babe. :) I'm so jealous!

    Love this outfit. :) xx

  2. Wat vet dat je kaartjes hebt gekregen voor een concert! Hele vette outfit, zoals outfit. X

  3. you look great with black color!

  4. This looks amazing. Love it.
    Follow you now :)


  5. Lovely Outfit.
    And you are very pretty.
    Follow you now. ♥

  6. ohhh dat tweede concert klinkt geweldig! ik wil meee ;3

  7. zo'n vlecht staat je leuk!
    En dat 2e concert! Oeh...