Dec 19, 2011

INSPIRATION / I'll make this the anthem for a dying breath

Hii Guys !

Ok, I can honestly say I hate the weather here ! Oh my lord, like really ? It's freaking cold, all that rain and it's so damn early dark outside. And because of that, it's impossible to take good outfit pictures. I know I've said this before and you might think it's an excuse, but all the Dutchies know I'm not lying ! haha. Sometimes I wish I lived in a tropic, exotic country with lots an lots of sun (:  

But I do want to keep my blog updated, so that's why this is an inspiration post. As you know, I'm going to dip dye my hair, to be prompt, upcoming Friday. I can't wait !  So that's why this post is overloaded with dip dye photographs, haha. And Thursday I'll have my prom, I'm very excited for that as well. I still have to show you my prom dress as well, I think I'll make a post about that this weekend.

Ok, and that's it ! Oh yeah, I've got some grades back from my test week and they are really good ! Even better than I'd expected. (: I'm still waiting for 3 grades, so let's hope they're good as well !


  1. i like it soooooooooo much!

    New outfit post;

  2. Im going to do it early! :) I dont know what color use... :D

    xx, Rachel♥

  3. 1st picture is incredible! Wish I was skilled enough to do sure my attempt all the colours would blur into one!

    And thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, always nice to hear :) love yours following!x

  4. great photos.. I've dyed my hair in different colors in the past.. never mint green though.. I'm looking forward to it.. cool post.. good luck on that strike!