Nov 13, 2011

RANDOM / I'm betting you're the one of my hopes and dreams

Hii Guys !

Ugh, I was planning on taking outfit photo's today. But, I got ill. Wednesday, while I was working, my throat started to hurt. The next day I got the sniffles and a headache. But unlike Thursday, Friday everything was fine. I just had a little cold. School didn't gave lessons that day, so we went to The Hague and did a little shopping. I bought a red shawl and those little masks ( second picture ) you always see in old movie dance scenes. But then again, Friday night I got a headache and I barely had a voice, so I went to bed early. And when I woke up yesterday morning I just felt horrible, it was like all my energy was sucked out of my body. And I still feel like that, I feel very weak and useless. Let's hope I'll be better soon !
So, no outfit photo's, but just these random photo's !

 And that's it ! I'm off watching more movies in bed, drinking hot tea and sleeping my headache away !


  1. Aaawwh, ik voel me precies zo!
    Gisteren vreselijk verkouden geworden, dus ik ga vandaag maar even lekker uitrusten haha :)
    Ik weet niet of je het gezien hebt, maar in de kerstvakantie wilden Marleen (the-dresscode) en ik (en nog een boel andere meiden) een bloggermeeting organiseren. Gewoon een dagje lekker shoppen in Utrecht ofzo. Meer staat op mn blog, als je het leuk zou vinden om te komen!
    Love, Demi

  2. get well soon :-) xo

  3. very cute!! xx

  4. had ik ook vorige week... beterschap! Die maskertjes zijn leuk! :)

  5. beterschap! en echt hele mooie foto's!!

  6. 1 like it! xo