Oct 9, 2011

one day our generation, is gonna rule the population

Hii Guys !

No photographs today, and nothing fashion related in this post. I just couldn't find the time to make some outfit photo's and to be honest, the lat few days I haven't wore anything 'fashionable' enough to post about anyway, haha. But there's something else I wanted you to show, or hear. Yesterday, while I was studying, I heard this song on the radio ; Waiting on the world to change. It had been a while since I listened to that song, actually I couldn't remember listening to it. So I turned the radio off and searched on youtube, and now I'm addicted to the song. The song has such a deep meaning and John' voice is so easy to listen to. Perfect study background music ! 

So please listen to this song, listen carefully to the lyrics and change the world (: 

John Mayer - Waiting on the world to change



  1. beautiful post. more than beautiful.


  2. heel mooi liedje :)

    Liefs'Armani xx

  3. Heeel mooi liedje! En de tattoo staat voor me eigen katje die ook heel klein enzwart is haha :)

  4. Charlie! :D En geweldig lied inderdaad. ;) Maar John Mayer is sowieso steengoed. :)