Oct 31, 2011

time and space have become the enemy

Hii Guys !

Oooh I'm so sorry for the leak of posts, but I'm just so busy with school. I don't know what it is, it's not like we have a lot of exams or homework but it just gets me so tired ! Today we finished a big art project and the only thing left to do is making a logbook about it. And a lot of maths homework. Before our holiday we started with a new chapter, but I didn't really make it, I just copied everything from the internet ( yeah for the internet ! (: ) . Now I have to start from scratch because I don't understand anything.. A lot of work..

And I'm also not feeling stylish or whatever, I just through something on in the morning. Just like today. But I felt like I had to post something, so here you have my basic outfit, haha. 

 Blazer / Jeans / Rings - H&M        Shirt - Forever21       Shoes - Converse           Necklace - Vintage

But, there's one thing I'm really excited about : tomorrow I'm going to HOT CHELLE REA. Wooww, I can't wait, I'm in neeeeeed of a concert, haha, I really am ! Of course I'll tell you all about it and I'm taking my old camera with me, so expect some photo's ! (: 

I'm off making my art logbook !


  1. Wha, leuk! :D Veel plezier bij Hot Chelle Rea!

  2. Wat een superleuke outfit!


  3. love the outfit - that necklace is great :)

  4. nice outfit, rugged but stylish.. the combinations are so wonderful!! love your accessories... kissess!!!

  5. like your combination of converse, jeans and blazer.


  6. leuke outfit!
    echt suuuper veel plezier bij Hot Chelle rea, ik vind hun echt geweldig!

  7. je ziet er leuk uit! (heel anders dan normaal. haha. volgens mij heb ik je nog nooit zonder panty's gezien?)
    En veel plezier bij het concert! :D