Sep 25, 2011

answers Q&A - Part 1

Hii Guys !

Here are the first answers on your questions ! I must say you did a really good job at thinking up original questions ! Tuesday the second part comes online and then I also announce the winner !
Have fun reading (:

What's your favourite kind of food colour ?
haha, well I actually ask this question sometimes to new people I met, and everytime I do they're just like : what the fack is wrong with you ? haha. But my favourite kind of food colour is Red (: I love strawberries !

Is there a celebrity you really can't stand ?

mm, well, it's not that I hate him or something like that, but I don't like Taylor Lautner. I'm not a fan of Twilight either and I just don't like the look in his eyes.. Is that weird ? haha, well, I'm sorry for the girls who love him ! I must admit his abs are stunning !

How much money do you spent on clothing ?

That depends.. but roughly estimated 60 euro's per month ? But I often save my money for 2 months and then have one big shopping day, which means I spend over a 100 euro's in one day ! haha

What is your weirdest habit ?
Well, I have a lot of weird habits but the first one that comes to mind now is the fact that when I can't concentrate on my homework or study books, I lock myself up in the bathroom. I take a bath and study. I know it's kind of weird, but it's the only way I can force myself to really study x)

Best day of the year ?

New years eve ! I'm not a big fan of x-mas, I don't know why. But I love New years eve (: And I really like 'sinterklaas' as well, just because I get a lot of presents then ! ( sinterklaas is like a Dutch santa for those who don't know )

What's the first thought that comes to mind when you read this question ?

Pfoeee, that's a good one ! This is just the kind of question I would ask if someone asked me to ask an original question ;p

You have those band bracelets, from which other band do you want one ? 
I really want one of All Time Low. I've already been to one of their concerts but they didn't sell those bracelets there. I hope they will come back in 2012 and then I'm definitely gonna buy one of their bracelets ! I would also like to see My Chemical Romance or Blink 182 live sometime. That would be amazing !

Why are you always a twin in your photographs ?
haha, good question ! I don't know really I saw people editing their photo's like this on lookbook and thought it looked really cool. Since then I just think it's a clever way to show the outfit from two perspectives while using less 'space' .

Have anyone ever doubt your choice in menswear?
Yeah ! Mainly boys react a bit strange when I say my blouse is from the men section. They just look at me like : uh, if you say so.. haha. But I really don't care, I get far more positive reaction on the men blouses. Plus it's super comfy and it's not fear to keep that away from the girls ! (:


  1. haha, echt leuk om te lezen dit. ;)

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  3. so good know more about you, i am so interested with your blog.

  4. haha dankje voor het antwoord maar hoe bewerk je je fotos dan zo?/

  5. Super leuke antwoorden op de vragen :)

    liefs' Armani xx

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