Aug 21, 2011

show my how to lie, you're getting better all the time

Hii Guys !

Today I went to the gym for the first time since 3 months ! Wow, yes I had quite a long break, haha. I just don't sport in vacations, I'm just to lazy for that. But today I went again and it was horrible, haha. But when I was finished it felt really good and my condition wasn't that bad, I mean not as bad as I'd expected ! 

Yesterday my package from finally arrived ! I'm always so excited when I see a package on my doormat and I know that it's for me (: I ordered  these 2 necklaces, and I love them ! Especially the arrowhead, it's gorgeous ! The colour and size is just perfect. The other one is really nice too, I only expected it to be a bit bigger, but that doesn't make it any less prettier (: 

 Last night I was bored, so I made these crosses on my chanel pink nails, I think it worked out pretty good for someone who didn't do any nail art before ! Gosh, now I see how short my nails are..gotta let them grow !


  1. loveee the necklaces! cool blog:)x

  2. is that a claw necklace? I have something similar :) love it

  3. Your nails look beautiful, love the pinky / purple colour. :)

    & haha, I'm awful at going to the gym.. I always give up for ages after each session! xx

  4. oh god, i know how much effort going to the gym can be!!
    ADORE the necklaces btw

  5. wow at them necklaces!

  6. Love that jewelry and your nails are off the hook, girl!!
    strawberry freckleface