Jun 21, 2011

we're just ordinary people, maybe we should take it slow

Top - New Look        Shorts / Necklace - H&M        Shoes / Belt - Unknown        Bag - Primark

Hii Guys !

Today is the first day of summer (: Yeaaah, but it's not really summer outside.. Luckily I'm not going anywhere today, just doing a little workout in my room, watch a movie and waiting for my tripod to arrive (: haha. Yesterday we did have nice weather, so I immediately asked my father to take some pictures outside. These are made in a rush because my father was late for work, so that's why they are a little bit crooked ;p 

But this is what I wore at Pinkpop, not very special, but the whole item about ' festival fashion' is a bit weird if I can say so. I mean it really looks nice, it really does ! But there is no way you can walk and jump the whole day on you open sandals or wedges in your maxi dress and all kinds of rings and still be comfortable. You just can't ! At pinkpop we had really nice weather too, so under this white top I wore my bikini and I took the shirt off now and then, when I became really hot x)

And that's it for now people ! I'm off having a lazy day (: 
( tomorrow will be my first day at the new job, wish me luck ! )


  1. Love it! Leuke outfit :)

  2. erg leuke outfit! lekker zomers:)xx

    succes met je nieuwe baan:)

  3. I love the fringes on your top. Cute outfit. Sassy. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.


  4. At least you're working out. I'm too lazy to do ANYTHING! you look really cute! Good luck with your job! :)


  5. lovely style and pictures. i love the title of this post too.

  6. WOW a i love your blog it's amazing! :)
    follow you ok?

    gretting from Spain ^^

    caravinvonvan.blogspot.com ♥

  7. Hee Manon!

    Haha, long time ago, maar ik ken je nog hoor!
    Bedankt voor je lieve berichtje, je blogt zelf ook heel leuk. Ik volg je!


  8. This is a gorgeous outfit! & I totally agree with you about the maxi dress, you really can't dance & go to a festival in one even if they do look gorgeous! :D xx

  9. LOVE your top! So cute. Following your blog now!

    XO, Liza
    fashion over groceries

  10. ahhh leuk, vooral die top! x

  11. like your blog :)) + nice outfit!