Jun 2, 2011

two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead..

T-shirt - Made by Shanna        Shorts - Zara        Blazer - H&M        Purse/Jewelery - Unknown/Vintage

Hii Guys !

Today I asked my father to take some pictures of me outside 'cuz the weather was so nice ! It's finally feeling like summer and I hope this weather will stay for a while, or even better, forever ! haha. I don't know what it is but I don't love these photo's. It's because I hate my face x) I'm not a really good model and feel extremely uncomfortable when people are taken pictures of me while posing.. Hmm, though I do like the photo's better than the normal ones I take. They are always the same and maybe when I do this more often I'll get some loser in front of the camera ! 

So there is just one thing I want to say to you : You have to see the new Hangover movie ! I just went there with Shanna and Shani and it was freaking amazing. I just love the humor in the movie and those guys are really great actors ! If you haven't seen Hangover 1 you might want to see that first because in this part some characters return. Actually we were planning on seeing the new Pirates movie but that movie was more expensive, haha, we're all kind of broke ( like always ) After the movie we went to this nice wok restaurant and we eat some very nice noodles (: 

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  1. oh my.. you just keep on making the most gorgeous post! I really love this, it's so inspiring.
    Thanks for stopping by, and i would be very pleased if you'll follow too.

  2. beauty!!

    New outfit post.

  3. Omg je sieraden <3

  4. Lovely outfit.
    I've never seen the Hangover films, it's not really my kind of film.

  5. thank you <3

    lovely outfit :)
    and you look gorgeous dear :D


  6. awesome shirt! the leopard print is hottt

  7. Love these photos, you shouldn't feel awkward hun, you look amazing. :)

    & I saw The Hangover 2 last night - was sooo funny. Alan definately has the best lines ever.

  8. Waauw leuk blog heb jij !
    & echt leuk outfit.

  9. wauw leuke outfit! :)

    ~dankje voor je reactie op mijn post.♥

    ~xoxo ♥

    ik ga je volgen, ☺

  10. very cute outfit! Love the top.

    xox Courtney Michele