Jun 10, 2011

RANDOM / I've been thinkin' a lot, 'bout what we could have been.

photographs made by me ( except the galaxy one )

Hii Guys !

Sorry for my leak of post, but I'm just very busy at the moment. I have my test week and to be honest, I'm a bit lazy.. haha. Today I made some outfit photo's in my room but I didn't like my face at all so I decided to not post them. That explains the crappy gif file you can see above x) I promise you a proper post with the selfmade shorts later on ! 

Nothing else really happend, but this weekend is going to be amazing. First, tomorrow my blog will turn one, and I've made a short video for you guys, I hope I can post it tomorrow (:  And of course I got to party on my Saturday night, so I'm going to a pool party with some friends, thought the weather sucks, haha ;p Sunday I'll meet up with a really good friend which I haven't spoken to in months. She used to be my best friend but then we both chose another school and we got very busy. I'm really looking forward to this dinner (:  And then, finally, PINKPOP. Monday is definitely going to be one of the best days in 2011. I simply can't wait, the forecast says the weather is going to be nice, no rain and sunny, and I'm going to see so many great bands which I've been a fan of for years ! 

So I'm off getting a good night of sleep dreaming about life <3


  1. Ha love the GIF.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. LOVE the photo doll!

    New outfit post

  3. Love the pictures! Happy first birthday! Looking forward to the video


  4. love the GIF :)
    and i love the owl ring so cute >_<
    have a nice weekend :)


  5. love the pictures! good luck with your exams! and happy anniversary to your blog! :D


  6. dankje voor je comment! leuk blog heb je(:


  7. echt leuke foto's!
    oeeeeh, klinkt als een geweldig weekend!
    veel plezier. x