Jun 16, 2011

I'm still alive, but I'm barely breathing

top / blazer / yellow ring / necklace - H&M           shorts - Self Made         ear cuff - fashionology          pink ring - primark

Hii Guys !

Today this classy but simple outfit ! I'm still figuring out how to wear my self made high wasted short. I think I'll wear it more often in the summer without the panties, I'll get some inspiration I hope (: So now I wore it like this, you need to look for the floral pattern but it's just that little extra touch in an outfit, just like the ear cuff ! Gosh, I'm still loving it (: 

Another cool thing is that I was rewarded with an award again !  I got this award from sarah
Thank you :D

7 facts about me ;

  • I recently got my first job ! Next Wednesday will be my first day (:
  • Sometimes I pray while laying in bed, though I don't believe in a god..
  • I believe in Karma, everything comes around sometime.
  • I'm definitely not a blonde barbie or ' dom blondje' I'm doing one of the hardest school levels (vwo)
  • I love the beach and the sea, I hate the sand.
  • I've never been out of Europe, but I really want to of course ! (:
  • My little sister is a ginger, sometimes I make fun of that, but she knows I love her <3
I give this award to ;

She blogs in Dutch, so the dutchies should check here out, I think she's going to be big someday (:
Congrats Girl !


  1. ah zo lief. dankjewel meis. :D

  2. Mooie ketting en primark ring!

  3. Haha, nee hoor.
    Hij was er na 2 dagen al af. (ook al hoorde hij er 7 dagen op te blijven!)
    Deze foto's zijn gewoon oud. ;)

  4. You are so pretty! love the outfit! :]

  5. thanks a lot :)
    Like your blog, too ♥♥

  6. thank you :) Oh wow, I love your hair!

  7. Wauw je hebt echt heel mooi haar !En hele leuke outfit, die primark ring is echt heel gaaf ! Ik ga je volgen xoxox

  8. leuk gecombineerd! En gave oorbel!

    ik ben je nieuwste volger!xx

  9. Wat een leuke outfit! Ik ben jaloers op je haar, haha. ;) Ear Cuffs zijn ook wel leuk als ik het zo zie, misschien moet ik er ook maar een kopen.. Ik volg je!

  10. Beatiful hair!


  11. love your outfit. the shorts are gorgeous.