Jun 19, 2011

I'm on my highway to hell

Hii Guys !

YEAAAH BABY, I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL ! Finally it's here , the summer holiday (: Yup, I'm done with all the boring lessons, the homework and all the tests and exams, lucky me , haha, I know there are a lot of people who still have to survive a few more weeks, so good luck to them !  This summer I'm planning on a lot of parties and going to the beach a lot. Oh man, I can't wait till the real summer, because at the moment the weather sucks >< Which means I'm in my room for 2 days straight now, and that's not my idea of having fun, haha. Well, it isn't to bad, I'm just relaxing and building up some energy for the coming weeks.

 Friday night and Yesterday night I did some babysitting and earned a lot of money. But it's already gone, I just ordered a tripod online, and I hope it will arrive very soon so I can start taking photographs at other places in the house, haha x) Today is also fathers day, and my little sister and I just made an apple pie ( it's my dad's favorite ) and we bought a little present for him. We're going to surprise him tonight, because he thinks we've forgotten fathers day, haha ;p

And that's kind of it, I'd planned on good weather so my father could take some pictures of me outside because I wanted to show you what I wore at Pinkpop, Buuuuuuut, it's raining so no pictures today. Instead of that I thought I'd show you some of the video's of pinkpop so you can get an idea of how big it was. There were more than 50 000 people ! 
Have fun watching these video's (:

And for the people who wonder ; yup, that's the kind of music I like ! haha (:


  1. Je houd wel van leuke muziek. :D
    (we hebben dezelfde smaak)

  2. yeah camera stuff is always expensive huh! and wow there were a lot of people there!