May 31, 2011

inside of you

Hii Guys !

This week is going to be a bit relaxing, finally, I really needed a week like that. School is taking so much time and energy from me. I only have to go to school 3 days this week, still one day to go, and then I'm 4 days free !  I think I'll be making some photographs, doing some babysitting and if the weather's nice I'm  definitely going to spent some hours in the sun too ! I'm also going to the movies and have a little dinner with Shani & Shanna (:

In this post I want to show you my favorite purse/bag, you may have seen it in some other outfit posts, but since I've read some ' what's in my bag' topics on other blogs I thought it would be fun to do as well. I have loads and loads op bags, but this is the one I use the most. I use it for school and also for shopping trips !

So what's inside of it ?
I actually haven't got much interesting in my purse/bag . These are the things I always carry with me. First of all my money, hair brush and deodorant. It's just handy to have with you, although I forget my hairbrush a lot. I think I should buy a little one especially for in my purse/bag !
Of course I always have my keys with me, and another thing I can't live without is my mp3, I NEED music. I'm really a music freak, haha. On the same picture you can see my mobile phone and my agenda. I have my phone almost always with me, but I never turn it on.. My friends thinks it's annoying and they say I should use it more often x)
My 3 other needs are lip balsam, I use lip smacker, just because I love it (: And a camouflage stick from essence, you never know when a spot comes up ! haha. And the last thing is this red lucky charm. I know, maybe some of you don't believe in that kind of stuff, but I do. Last year I had a bit of dip, a good friend of mine had to transform to another school and I was really upset by it. And then I found this lucky charm, I was just walking around, clearing my mind one night, and it laid on a bridge. It was just like someone had it put down there for me. I took it with me and since then I always keep it with me, it's in my bag or pocket or whatever. I always have it with me. And just that you know, my friend didn't transform to another school, it was quite exceptional that he could stay with us, because loads of other pupils did have to transform to another school. How lucky was he ? (:

I still have one thing to mention. The 11th of June is my 1 year blog anniversary, and because of that I want to make a video ! It's going to be a Q&A, ( questions&answers ) video where I'll be answering your questions (:  So if you want to ask me something, doesn't matter if it's about fashion, my hobbies, music or school, just put your questions in a comment below or e-mail me at :  


  1. Leuke tas! Haha wat een leuke spullen erin; die mobiel heeft een vriendin van mij ook!

    Enjoy my Give-Away: !!

  2. I love these kind of posts, I'm so nosey.

  3. Leuke tas ^^ dat armbandje is heel erg mooi! x

  4. That is an awesome bag!! :)