May 17, 2011

find it in the little things

Yellow ring ; H&M      Blue and Anchor ring ; Selfmade

Hii Guys !

And the week has started again. Yeaah, not really. Gosh, I really don't like school. The only reason why I still go to it, is because of my friends. Sometimes I wonder how it would be if you don't have friends. I mean, how could you survive school, how could you survive life ? Hm, luckily I have my friends and I'm really happy with them ! So this is kind of a thank you to the people who make my life wonderful (: 

Today I want to show you these rings. One you probably notice, it's the yellow one I got in London. The other two I made myself ! yeah, that's right, I made them myself, and I really like them (: Shanna found this diy jewelry shop, you can by there all kinds of beads and also rings. Just simple (fake)silver ones. And then you just glue something on it ! haha, that simple . Well, and I choose the anchor, just because it's awesome, haha. And a blue cube. 

As you might know, I think already mentioned it sometime ago, I'm not very into the color blocking thing. I really like it when other people where it, but it just don't fit me. Buuuuuut, I thought why not only my hands ? haha, so I painted my nails in bright pink and orange, and when I wear the blue and yellow ring. I have a lot of color blocking on my hands ! (:   It's really nice, and I've already got some nice comments on it ! 



  1. I love the jewellery, well done on making them yourself! x

  2. Oh i love your rings and your polish! Looks so good

  3. you look so cute :)
    Love the colour of your ring , it's good :D


  4. Love your headband...I have a few myself and I just love little braid headbands!

  5. I love your yellow ring, so gorgeous. :) x

  6. I love the rings!
    Found you through Little Gold Pocket Watch. Love your blog!
    Emily Rose

  7. Love the rings =)

  8. Love it!
    Like your blog a lot (:


  9. WOW I love the way you've edited these photos - they look great! xx

  10. wauw leuke foto's! echt mooi hihi, follow me!

  11. super foto's!
    erg leuke ringen.