May 19, 2011

everytime that we meet , I skip a heartbeat

Shorts-Ring ' H&M           Shirt ' Forever21           Necklace ' Vintage             Belt-Purse/bag ' Unknown

Hii Guys !

First of all, sorry for the spot on my face in the second photo. But my face was just ugly there, haha Normally I don't do that, I even think this is the first time ! Hm, don't have much to talk about, only that school is getting more boring everyday and I simply can't wait 'till vacation. And another thing I can't wait for is PINKPOP. It's one of the largest festivals in Holland and I'm going ! I'm so happy, there're coming so many good artists and bands. There're lovely people everywhere ( including hot guys, haha :) and good food C:  I"m going with one of my best friends Shanna and two other guys. But I still have to wait 3 weeks, 'cuz this festival will be 13th June. When it's there Ill show you my festival outfit ! 

And , I just thought about this, I haven't done a 'inspiring art' in a while, so that's coming soon ! 

And that's it for now, I have to study right now, Maths & Science, so not feeling like it -.- 


  1. LOVE your top... wish there was a F21 near me :( x x

  2. Love the union jack t-shirt.

  3. love your rings, it so cute <3


  4. i like your title and your top :P

  5. aah, jammer (aa')
    maar ze hadden nog wel veel meer leuke :)

  6. Thank you for checking out my blog and commenting! super happy you did. very nice blog msssss.



  7. Ooh, wanneer heb je dat shirt gekocht?
    Is 'ie er nog? Echt superleuke outfit! x